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The Mother

The Mother is a movie about a 60ish woman whose husband dies so she goes to live with her son. Her son is going through financial troubles and his wife can’t stand the mother. The one plus is that they are having an addition put on their house and the mother builds a friendship with the handsome young carpenter. She eventually moves in with her daughter who it turns out is sleeping with the carpenter who it turns out is married. The daughter enlists the aid of the mother to find out what the carpenter really thinks of her. Instead the mother manages to seduce the young man. She feels no guilt until her daughter finds out. Then she contemplates suicide. I found the movie a bit slow and the sex scenes were too graphic for my taste. On a scale of 1 – 5 I would give it a 3. I would recommend it with some hesitation.


The next movie we will be getting from blockbuster is The Kings Speech. I’ve heard that its really good and I’m anxious to see it. I just hope it’s not hard to follow. Since I’ve been taking certain meds I can’t concentrate as good as I used to.