OK magazine

I thought that OK was along the lines of People or Us instead it is more like the Enquirer. I wouldn’t read it except I bought a subscription and feel like I’m wasting money if I just throw it straight into the recycle bin. I wouldn’t recommend this magazine to anybody. Just finished an article about how Kourtney and Scott are fighting again. Go fig.


Falsely Accused

Falsely Accused is a book of both vampirism and business intrigue. The story centers around a female vampire who is a specialist in business takeovers. This particular business is a sporting goods empire who is on the verge of being taken over by a much bigger company. I found the book to be confusing in parts. Even the author rights an afterword to explain parts of the book! I wouldn’t really recommend this book.


Choices is a book of vampire erotica. It is the story of a woman who runs a pastery shop with here gay best friend. One day she meets two men and makes a date with each on consecutive nights. They both turn out to be modern day vampires and she falls in lust with both. When they find out about each other she realizes she must choose between the two. If you enjoy erotica the sex scenes are quite good but I found myself so intrigued with the plot that I often skipped over the sexual interludes. I would recommend this book but only to those who are not bothered by erotica.

Good Gladys

Good Gladys is a mystery novel with many mysteries indeed. First there is a murder mystery. Second there is the question of who is threatening the lives of the children and pets of six influential politicians. But foremost is the mystery of how the world known psychic, Good Gladys, was transformed before witnesses from a woman into a man. Of course all of these stories are linked together and the surprise ending is a delight. An enjoyable read unlike anything you may have read before I highly recommend it.

The Old Gray Homestead

I just finished reading The Old Gray Homestead. A book my father sent me to read. It’s an old book and I was sure that I wouldn’t like it, but I soon felt myself swept away into the story. It’s about a young rich woman from the city who comes to live with a farm family for quiet and solitude after her life is dealt the tragedy of losing her child and her husband to death. There is however more to her past than she first reveals. It is also a love story between the grief stricken you lady and the headstrong son of the family she comes to stay with. I found it dry in spots but not enough to make me think of stopping reading it. I would recommend this book to anyone as there is no bad language or graphic sex. My father made a good choice.

Haven’t been doing too well on my diet. I mean I’ve lost 8 pounds but its so hard and I’m hungry all of the time. I’m sure that it’s mouth hunger and not real hunger but it still makes you miserable. I really am trying this time though. Just needed to whine a little.