Felt like blah this morning. Had to take a xanax to get to sleep last night and when I take them late at night they always leave me feeling yucky the next day. I hate that they do that because xanax is so necessary to my existence. Luckily, if I take them during the day they dont make me feel bad.

I’m glad the Christmas tree is still up because something I ordered James just arrived today. I put it under the tree to wait for him to get home from work.

I think this blog may be really good for me because I’ll have to do things to write about so maybe it will get me off of my butt more and also help me from getting depressed again.

Took a shower, took my vitamins and had a Pepsi Max. Now I feel like a human being again.

James gave me a Pandora bracelet for Christmas and the only thing I don’t like about it is it is so hard to get back on once you take it off.

Well, after I talk to my friend in Belgium using Windows Live Messenger I’m off to find something constructive to do. Wish me luck.



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