SANDEE OWEN: My Life 01/07/2013

This blog is going to be a personal diary of my life. My ups and downs and the boring things I do.

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m 50 years old (soon to be 51 on Feb.1st). I live in Virginia USA. I am currently disabled by panic attacks, depression and arthritis. You can call me Sandee.

Yesterday I spent most of the day watching the football playoffs. Saw the Ravens win (yay!), saw the Redskins lose (boo). Excited about next week. Really pulling for the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl. I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, but since they aren’t playing too well I also cheer on the Ravens since they used to be the Browns. I am a Browns fan because I was born in Cleveland.

Saw my cat attacking a bird. I made her let go but the bird was already injured. It is destined to die and this upsets me a lot. Seriously, it has me depressed. The poor birdie didn’t do anything to deserve it. Why are cats like that? Sassy wasn’t hungry she just wanted to kill a bird.

Today I have been taking down the last of the Christmas decorations which hasn’t helped my mood any. I just have the tree left to take down. I hate to take it down because it is so beautiful and reminds me of the wonderful Christmas we had this year.

Puritans Pride vitamins have everything at a buy 2 get 3 free sale so I stocked up on some vitamins. Vitamin E, Vitamins for the hair, and Vizion 20/20 for the eyes.

Still digging on my iphone that i got in December. I have so many apps that I don’t need, but it is giving me some joy so what does it hurt? Maybe my pocketbook when I get my Verizon Wireless bill.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Let’s see how this works out.


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